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System Requirements: Hosting / Server Recommendations

Here are the system requirements for the latest versions of WishList Member:

  • PHP: Version 5.6 or higher (though 7.4 or higher is recommended)
  • Database: Either MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.1+
  • Web Server: Apache 2 (with mod_rewrite enabled) or Nginx
  • Compatibility: Developed for optimal use with WordPress 5.0 or higher

Typically, if WordPress can run on your server, you should have no issues with WishList Member since their requirements are very similar.

  • Hosting Provider: We recommend choosing a hosting provider familiar with WordPress.

    If a hosting provider works well with WordPress sites, they will typically work well with a site running WishList Member.

Our top recommendation for hosting is WP Engine.

They specialize in hosting WordPress-powered sites. As a result of their WordPress expertise, they routinely deliver top-notch service for our clients. 

We've worked out a special deal with WP Engine that provides a discount on your first 3 months of service. The link below is needed to get that deal.

WP Engine: http://wlplink.com/go/wpengine

An alternative hosting solution is Bluehost. Though they don’t specialize in WordPress, they have a solid reputation and are familiar with the requirements needed.

Bluehost: http://wlplink.com/go/bluehost

Disclosure: WishList Products, Inc. will be paid an affiliate commission if you purchase a product after clicking a link included in this article.

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